I haven't updated in a while, and i don't think i want to have a livejournal no more cause no one comments me and if they do it's mean comments and they're anonumys(or however you spell it) because those people have no lifes and just try to make other people miserable just like themselves, ahh just ranting and raving i guess, this is shit i think i'll only keep a livejournal to comment in other peoples, cause my life isn't interesting and i'm sure no one wants to hear/read about it so fuck this i don't wanna seem like i am all "poor me" and whatever cause that is annoying how people complain about how shitty their lives are...so, this is the end of my livejournal i think, and if i make a new one I'll make it friends only so shitty people aren't dickheads!!! bye
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Ms. Phozel died last night, she was quite the nice old lady. She was only in her 60's, if you think about it thats quite young to die. What a great day Valentines day, someone you know dies on that day, yeh its a great day... I was being sarcastic if you didn't read it that way!
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It's been a while since I last updated this thing, hmm, well I havent had really anything to say, I still don't! I'm pretty happy that we have monday and tuesday off, which I'll probably do nothing on those days anyway. Watching some movies right now, they're kinda stupid but there's nothing else to do! o-well!
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okay my previous post was wrong someone did say those things but not the person i thought it was!! I guess im not as pissed but still someone said those things!!! o-well sorry to the person i thought it was!! okay well thats all i had to say
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Ahhh im really annoyed right now... someone is saying shit about me thats not true!!! I duno what the fuck her problem is!! Ahh I hate people like that seriously i dont fucking know what i did to that person to fucking say those things... and i didnt even say anything about it what they said errrr im so fucking pissed right now!!! I dont even know if what im saying is making any sense... oh fucking well i'll just confront her about it!!! AHHHHHHHHHH okay so moving on... Thanksgiving was okay it was just another day at my house.. same as usuall, hmm best part was definetly the mashed potatos, yum there pretty tasty and homemade gotta love it!!!
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Ahhhh, I just want to fucking scream at people I swear there so fucking dumb!!!! Quiby what a dumbass... oh lets go hit someone with a baseball bat in there stomach while they're 6 months preganent because the girl doesnt want to have the baby... hello its called an abortion or have the child and put it up for adoption instead of fucking hitting the person in the fucking stomach with a fucking baseball bat!!! Ahh i hope they get charged with fucking something... i swear how fucking stupid can people get!!! Yeh and I had to sit next to the fetus killer in 4th hour I just wanted to die instead of sitting next to that sick fuck!!! They should go fucking die in a fucking hole!!! Both of them... and get this the girl told him to hit her and then she has enough guts to ask people who are talking about it "what happened"... seriously what you're gonna act like nothing happened well no one else is so dont fucking act like nothing happened because that is the most fucking revolting thing ever!!!!
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hahah Claire is halarious
Claire: you know how you get those red marks on your arms from hitting the volleyball?
Me: yeh
Claire: Well look I have no red marks I just duck from the ball.
Me: hahahaha
that was yesterday^

Last week
Claire: Get off me you gay fly
Me: what are you talking about
Claire: There was a fly on me
Me: hahah Imagine if you did that in public but you just said get off me
Claire: haha get off me get off me, and then go up to some stranger and say "did you just see that, did you just see my boyfriend try to hump me.
Me: hahaha

Today the ball is coming towards Claire and she just puts her hands over her head and ducks hahaha! ya gotta love it!
So anyways today was kinda boring, Megan got suspended for 3 days for taking midol, pffff how stupid is that if you have cramps what are you supposed to do nothing? well she should havc asked if she could take it, but still.
Well um im outtie for now
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Nothing Really

Hahaha Amber Wood ran into the dry erase board the other day, Som and his shit dick gotta love it. yeh not alot of stuff happening now Soccer training in 5 days I'm so pumped for it i wanna start now. Drivers Ed seg 2 starts tomorrow yeh get it over with and get my license in 9 months and 10 days... yeh thats when i can legally drive by myself cant wait cuz i hate driveing with my mom... my mom screaming "your getting to close to the white line move over move over now!" and im like "okay want me to get close to the yellow line im sure you'll like that better" by the way i said that in my head! hmmmm great times. haha elisha and her brother are our entertainment in drawing class. oh shit i havent even finished that sentence thing for english class im only on like 22 or somethin like that! im bored i wanna go and see saw the movie this weekend... but i duno who hasn't seen it yet! oh well well im done now so yeh!!!
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Yeh updated this thing like 3 days ago but im bored so thats why Im updating it now! Oh man! Meredith is suspended for 2 weeks, now thats a fucking long vacation.Hmmmm not really much to talk about Halloween this weekend um... not really doing anything for that! Oh-well yeh Im so fucking bored theres nothing to do tonight I wanted to go to the movies but my mom is like no its to foggy out... well it kinda is really foggy I can't even see across the road let alone even the feild thats right next to my house! Haha that pep-assembly was so stupid... uh we didnt even do anything oh look at these football players just do a pep talk to there teammates oh what fun...haha jake and shane gotta love there costumes, jake had a rip in his ass haha! Well um yeh so Im done now!
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Haha Meredith is so fucking stupid I can't belive she did that...ahhh what a dumbass.... oh lets take 4 valums that are 800mg and be fucking stoned... yeh that sounds like fun.... uh not... It was funny because she couldnt even walk and if you pushed her she would like flew across the hallway or fell down... haha in biology they threw tape at kimmy... i dont remember who it was but oh well... our convo at lunch.. Me: did you see those frogs go by, meredith? Allison: hahaha did you see my pink bunny, meredith, because i lost it. Justin: Meredith theres frogs in your hair...oh no there spiders.... We'll make Meredith go to the guys bathroom and pee in the urnals!!! Haha what great fun!!! She's not really in our lunch we were just gonna say those things to her!!!

A little paint to cover whats deep inside
A little truth you know we all want to hide
When Im trying Im trying now to get to you
But you're telling me you always do you say
Dont hate me cause I'm just that good
I've got to hand it to you now
You're a hard one to please
When it looks as though you've got all you need
All the many times I've dreamed I could walk in your shoes
What a nightmare it must be
Just being, you say
Dont hate me Cause I'm just that good
A little misunderstood
You made me and I'm just that good
Step outside walk with me
Everyone i know and see is falling
Is crawling after something maybe
A bigger house, faster car never knowing who they are
They are lonely, They are lonely They are lonely
Dont hate me cause I'm just that good
A little misunderstood
You made me and I'm just that good
All this time will take its toll on you
As the same it will on me
Well good aint all that goods made out to be
Dont hate me were all just that good
Just that good
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